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Recording Gallery View




I have recorded four different webinars attempting to get a gallery view recording but unfortunately every single time it has only recorded shared screen with active speaker.


I am using the cloud recording and I have now checked yes to:

Record Gallery view with shared screen

Record active speaker, gallery view and shared screen separately - and have only checked yes to gallery view and shared screen.


As the host of the meeting I am also viewing the webinar in gallery view. Is there anything else I can do to try to get a recording in gallery view only? 


Many Thanks



Hi, EC --


That should work for you. I did a lot of recording testing this past weekend and you've zeroed into the right settings.






Hi George,

I thought I would just let you know that I recorded a Webinar with the above settings and it still saved the recording in Speaker view only even though it was not selected in any of my recording settings. Just in case you end up having the same issue. 


All the best


Hi George,


Thank you, fingers crossed it works this time!


Many Thanks

@ECasson: what did you do to fix? I can't figure it out!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to fix it! Even after changing all of the settings it still only records in speaker view. So frustrating.


What settings were recommended? I don't see that post, and I'm having the same issues I'm definitely in GALLERY view but it keeps only recording who is speaking! Zoom, can't you fix this for us?


Hi ECasson--I just finished troubleshooting this issue with customer support--I switched to using dual monitors, and had the "use dual monitors" box checked under (settings>general>use dual monitors). I am using a MacBook, and also had to go into my computer's "displays" settings (displays>display settings>use as: {extended display/main display}). Once I selected my second monitor as the "Extended display" and unchecked "use dual monitors" on my zoom settings, I tested recording with a colleague and was able to record in gallery view, including while sharing screen. This was a successful fix, and hope this is helpful for others!


Fixed it by disabling "Record gallery view with shared screen".


Apparently it's some kind of picture-in-picture "feature" that now screws with the layout:



this is exactly it


I have had several meetings now where it was showing both my shared screen and all the participants in thumbnails off to the side.  I have not changed any of my settings, but the most recent meeting I recorded on May 6, 2022, it no longer shows all participants.  Only the shared screen and active speaker.  I've tried each different setting, but nothing worked.  This is a problem for me since I record board meetings and need to visually show quorum in my recording.  Anyone find a solution yet?

For us, we had changed nothing on the back end when this suddenly started happening, so it's clearly not user error.


Can't say for sure if this will help, but we've noticed that Zoom maintains separate Recording settings for each licensed account, as well as each group created. Perhaps there is a setting in one account that's overriding the setting as you have it.


We don't know which of them solved the problem for us, as we changed them all (5 in total; a 3-seat license and two groups) at the same time.


This involved logging in and out of each account to see its specific Recordings settings, and also going into the Groups section in the left column on the main account, going to their Recordings tabs and updating those as well.