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Participants joined as Panelists


During the webinar, our system encountered a bug wherein it failed to capture the email addresses of the participants. Compounding this issue, several individuals inadvertently joined the webinar as panelists. In an attempt to rectify this, we urgently adjusted their roles to attendees, unintentionally causing them to exit the call. Consequently, the system did not register the email IDs of these participants, creating a data discrepancy.
As a result of this technical glitch, we are now facing challenges in attributing leads and valuable information to the respective attendees. Moreover, the situation was further complicated as multiple participants shared identical names upon joining the webinar.
Given the importance of accurate attendee data for our post-webinar analysis and follow-ups, I kindly request your prompt assistance in addressing this issue. It is critical for us to retrieve and associate the missing email IDs with their respective participants to ensure the integrity of our records and the success of our webinar initiatives.