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On Demand Error Messages: Need Passcode, Which Share Link to Use


We recently held a webinar event in which I wanted to share the On Demand link afterwards so people could watch it.  Tested it on my end and it all worked every time.  Let me know if you had the same experience or not. 


1. People that registered before event and used the Join Now link from their invite email were asked for a passcode.  Through testing I found that the meeting passcode and the recording password were not the same.  So I tried to make them the same, but the Share passcode had restrictions on it so that it could never be the same as the meeting passcode.  So I had to send out the Share passcode to everyone.  Some still couldn't get it to work until they logged into their Zoom account, some got it to work without logging into their Zoom account and some never got asked for a passcode at all.  Used the original registration link from the webinar invite. 


2. People that Registered after the event experienced some being asked for the passcode and some not.  Logging into their Zoom account seemed to help the passcode work.  The Share passcode did not work in all situations.  Used the original Registration link from the webinar invite to register. 


3. If I gave people the Share invite link directly from the recording, then it bypassed registration altogether and went to the recording. They still needed the passcode and it is unclear if logging into their Zoom account helped.  However, when I use the direct Share webinar link, they are able to download the recording even though I have that ability turned off. 


It would be great to have a video on how On Demand should work with for end users.  The instructions are pretty good with configuring the settings, but I wasn't sure I was still sharing it correctly and what the end users were expected to do and see.  This feature definite needs to be available to people that do not have a Zoom account or are not logged into their account. I had all authentication settings off.  


Please let me know if anyone else had this issue/experience.  What things did you try? How do we get this feedback to Zoom support? 


Feel free to test it out. 

Log out of Zoom if you have an account.

Click on the link below and see if you are asked to register and/or enter a passcode.  

If a passcode is requested, it is PTSA2022!


1. Webinar registration link:

We want people to register to see who is watching it. But we don't want a passcode different from the meeting registration code. 


2. Share Webinar link:

We want registration, but this share link bypasses registration.  Downloads are available even though I have it turned off in the Share settings, and the passcode doesn't work for everyone.   By chance does the share link change every time I open it to get the Share link?  Seems to change but not sure what to expect.  






I know this is nearly a year old now but I'm having this same exact issue now... There is no email triggered (like for the webinar itself) with the passcode either. Did you ever resolve this? This is very odd.