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Is it possible to join an event lobby from a URL the same way as you do a Zoom Meeting?


Hi Community,

we recently held an event using Zoom Events, after previously doing most of our events as meetings. The one big issue we had was getting people in to the event. We are wanting to run future and ongoing events for people with low digital literacy levels and ease of access of joining is looking like it might squash that project (or at least the use of zoom in that project).


What I like about a zoom meeting is that you can use the one link and pass it around to a group of people or even bookmark it to their desktop and they can come and go again and again using the same link.


So far I can not find anything in the documentation that suggests this is possible with events, and in fact everyone needs to have their own unique link. Has anyone found a way around this or a way to make it easier?



I haven't found a way. I believe you have to login to Zoom Events in all situations (although there is an emergency work-around for speakers - direct links - who can't get in). 

The advantage of asking attendees to register for your event - whether paid or free - is that they encounter the need to login before your event takes place and hopefully set up a zoom account if they don't already have one. But it's clearly not as simple as advertising a simple link, which is what you are after.