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Formatting Session data in CSV for upload into Zoom Event


Seeking a sample CSV file for Session uploads into events. The help page on this topic is not specific enough. I'd like to see an example sheet. Some of the problems I've working through:

1. If your session start or end time is on a date outside the specified event start/end date then Zoom changes the session date to something acceptable. I found an error "invalid date" when trying to correct an out of bounds date. The CSV upload just powers through the data without throwing errors, so one should go back and double check everything after upload. Changing the format of the column of the CSV to text does not fix.

2. The times are always wrong. My sessions start 3 hours earlier than the CSV data and end 15 minutes early (I think that latter has to do with my defined session end time). I've already checked to make sure that all my time zone settins are correct.