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Can't add organizers to event hub


Reaching out to the community to see if this has happened to anyone else. I just signed up for a Zoom Sessions license. The pricing page, and the help article, state that a single Zoom Sessions license can add up to 4 hosts (organizers) in the Events Hub. I've tried to do this, but it says the max is 1. Is there another way to add hosts? I've created a ticket, but no response. 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Dh4 for the hub hosts it depends on the Zoom Sessions license. Licenses of 500 capacity and above come with 5 Hub hosts (4 additional), and the 100 capacity licenses come with 2 Hub hosts (1 additional). Each of these hosts can collaborate on each other’s events, including hosting sessions, editing and updating event content, creating and pushing events live, and assigning roles within an event.

You can also use the "Alternative Hosts" option when you create the Webinar/Meeting, this will allow that person to be the host if the organizer of the Session cannot attend .etc

Hi @mgstark, When I spoke with the Zoom sales rep, he confirmed that a Zoom Sessions 100 license would give me access to 4 hosts. This is the reason I went through with the purchase. Nothing on the site indicates that a minimum of Zoom 500 needs to be purchased. I'm hoping to have access to the additional hosts as advertised. Here are screenshots with supporting links to Zooms own resources.