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Automatically export webinar survey responses


Hi there,


We use zoom webinar to host recurring live interactions with our customers - training and Q&A sessions. We have a CES survey we've set up using the native zoom survey functionality. This pops up post webinar. Ideally, we'd want these survey responses to automatically populate into a single google sheet when they've occurred instead of us having to export the results after every single webinar. Has anyone worked out how to do this? 


I've looked at adding a third-party survey link (for Delighted) but you can't pass any registrant details that way (name, email) so the responses come through from an anonymous person, and the redirect screen to get to the survey post-webinar is uninspiring UX-wise. 


Ideally, I need to automate getting the response data out of Zoom so it can populate a Slack feed, Tableau etc. Can't find any marketplace app functionality that covers any of this and Zapier doesn't trigger from/pull response data either. Can't find any marketplace survey apps that will work for this use case. Hoping someone else has worked through a similar scenario here. 😕