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hello dear.


hi, i`m elimantary school teacher in South of Korea.

We have used this plattform Zoom chating easily.

But, you know, in Korea, many teacher used ID with domain

If we have zoom id with domain we use for unlimit zoom chating

So we`re using zoom in Corona19 usefully

Now, time is over, we can use only 40 minute.

then, few teacher in Korea, still is using unlimited zoom chating because of Domain`s name @***

But, our school`s domain name is not include spelling , we have just

So, we can`t use unlimit Zoom plattform. please, check our message.


1. We want to use for unlimited ID during in Conona19

2. Our School teacher use ID domain with

3.  is our Homepage adress.

4. how to use free your Zoom plattform?
5. If you neccesary any Document for checking our school, I send any information to you.

6. my admin`s g-mail is


thank you for listening