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Zoom not auto updating on MSI installs


We have installed Zoom with the MSI installers and set them to automatically update.

Zoom recently pushed out an update that did not auto install and it required admin privileges to install the update so IT had to be called and install the update on a multitude of PCs, laptops, and other devices.

Why would this update not auto-install and require admin privileges?



The update likely required admin privileges because it involved system-level changes, such as updating core components or modifying settings that regular users don't have permission to alter. Zoom's automatic updates might not always cover updates that necessitate administrative access to ensure security and stability. In such cases, manual intervention is required to execute the update with the necessary permissions.


BFB Security has also seen this issue and had to have a customer move to IBM BigFix. Most smaller companies won't implement BigFix and other solutions and Zoom is the only meeting that has no specific method to auto-update other than downloading and pushing out a new version every time an update is released. In today''s breach rich world costing the economy billions per year, It's unacceptable not to provide an auto update feature that does not require admin rights (part of zero trust)