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Zoom Clips – A Solution Enabling Asynchronous Video Conversations

Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

As a Zoomie, part of my role is to guide customers through utilizing the Zoom app and the web portal. While some solutions are simple and can be addressed in a few emails, more complex issues require meetings. Coordinating schedules for these meetings can be intricate, and unforeseen circumstances sometimes lead to rescheduling, causing delays in issue resolution.


This month, Zoom launched Zoom Clips in beta globally and it was created with the purpose of facilitating asynchronous team communication, aiming to decrease the frequency of meetings and minimize the time lost due to unclear communication.


With Zoom Clips, I can simply record my audio, video, and screen to do a walkthrough and be able to quickly share the clip with others. This has helped me, my colleagues, and my customers save time in getting a resolution by communicating clearly while engaging asynchronously. In addition to walkthroughs and demos, here are some cases on how Zoom Clips can be used:

  • Provide project updates in daily standups.
  • Deliver training that’s easier to consume.
  • Uplevel new hire guides for a frictionless onboarding experience.


Zoom Clips is now available to customers with Zoom One licenses and during the limited-time beta period, users will have access to all features, with no limit on the number of clips created or clip length. Features include:



  • Easy video recording from the Zoom web portal, the computer menu or taskbar, and directly in the Zoom client
  • Screen record and simultaneously use the computer camera to record a self-speaking view
  • Leverage Virtual Backgrounds and Noise suppression


  • Set permissions for who can view a clip
  • Edit the Clip name, description, and tags for easy search
  • Cut and trim unwanted sections of a Clip


  • Generate links that are shareable both within Zoom and externally via a link
  • View video analytics and receive comments on clips
  • Manage, share, rename, download, and delete Clips easily and securely in the content library
  • Search for clips based on titles or tags





Have you tried using Zoom Clips? What else do you think can Zoom Clips be used for? Share your experience and ideas by commenting below.



Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

I have tested this and I'm excited to explore more! This will definitely help me and the team reach out to more clients at scale. I also like its instant sharing capabilities as there’s no time spent waiting for a video to render, then navigating to the Recordings tab to access the recording. It’s all done within the same screen (no context-switching) in a matter of clicks. Additionally, the product offers analytics so users can see who has viewed or commented on their Clip.


Thanks for sharing this new product, @KhatC !


This is an excellent feature.
Quick question, how do I download a zoom clip video ?
In the docs it says there should be an option to download as mp4 but I don't see that option 

Hi @sambhav-gore ,


I encourage you to checkout this discussion, New Zoom Clips Feature: Downloads? which provides guidance on how to download (from the web portal). 




Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?


Post zoom clips being discontinued on beta.

How to access these in other licenses and any limits 

In beta it was 40 min I think but now it's 2 minutes 

Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Hi @Alroyraj! The following support article lists which account types have Zoom Clips Basic and Clips Plus, as well as the features included e.g. duration, # of clips, etc.: