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Unable to join institutions zoom meeting with no ID or password


Hi folks,

Need help urgently!

I'm unable to join any zoom meetings or access my zoom account through my educational institutions zoom account. It asks me to join in using the institutions account and password, which I do, and then it prompts me to merge my personal zoom account with the institutions. After going thru the T&C's of the same, I'm a bit apprehensive as it states that all my personal content, recordings and set ups will be merged and the institution will have access and control of this. I have since 2 years and still use my personal zoom account for work meetings etc and don't want to merge. Is there another way out? Please help!!

Much thanks!!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @Asal1 it is likely that your personal account you are using contains the same domain your institutional account owns. Is this correct?  If so, they have the ability to manage that domain and consolidate accounts into their environment. This shouldn't happen with a personal email account. What you can do to avoid this is to change your email to a personal, consumer type email first. Then you you would be able to retain all your previous information and then create an account under your institutional account without issue.