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Trying to develop simultatneous live captions. I've already upgraded my account.



I am coordinating a zoom meeting with another class in Brazil. 

We've purchased the add on for live translations- and I've already changed my settings to see this in zoom. 

However, the captions do not show on screen for me as host, and when I log in as a user, I cannot see the translations or have options for captions. 

None of the articles I read helped. 

Please advise how to set up, or should I cancel this add on feature, since it is not working? 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi make sure its been enabled in the portal. Log into the Zoom admin portal and click on Account Mgmt > Account settings. Under meeting settings search for "captions" make sure Automated Captions is enabled and the list of preferred languages have been selected. If you have purchased translation add on where you can translate languages (other than English) to another language make sure you have "translated captions" enabled.


In meeting as a host, you should see "Show captions" option below on your toolbar. clicking the up arrow in the caption toolbar should allow you to see additional options. You can click "show captions" anytime and it should automatically pop up for you. 



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Another thing, as you can see above, captions needs to be enabled by the host. Participants will need to do the same to see captions (select show captions). If you want this to be automatic for everyone when you host meetings, then you can go to your Zoom client settings and enable "always show captions" in "Accessibility" settings.