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Recording host video while other computer screen shares


Hello.  I have a surface pro 7 and a teacher windows desktop computer.  I open up Zoom as the host on my teacher desktop, and share in the invite link to my surface pro.  Then, I share my screen from the surface pro (so students can see what I write/draw/etc on my Surface Pro - such as equations or graphs).  Using the host teacher desktop computer, I record the Zoom session so that students can go back and rewatch lectures (or watch them if they are absent).  I also have a webcam attached to the teacher desktop computer, so students watching the video can see my gestures, activity demos, etc. 


When going back and watching the video, the video of me is very very small - so small that you can barely even see what's going on in the video.  My hypothesis is that because the surface pro is the presenter (the one sharing the screen), Zoom thinks that it should be the active speaker.  But I want to screen grab the surface pro and record video from the teacher computer. 


I've accomplished getting a bigger video box on the recording using the side-by-side feature in the view dropdown, but this also makes the side by side view on my projector - so students in class are also seeing the video - they see a reduced size of my surface pro shared screen, which isn't ideal.


Is there a way to share my screen from my surface pro, record a larger video box on from my teacher desktop computer webcam, but not have that larger video box show up while I am teaching (such as when using the side-by-side view)? 


Thank you very much for your time.    


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



It sounds like you are currently using local recording for this meeting. If possible, it might be better in your use case to use Cloud Recording as that would allow you to record screen share with active speaker. Please see the following article about recording: Cloud Recording 

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