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Multiple People using the same account, can that cause problems? The specific situation is this:


I'm part of a nonprofit that allows various people enter the zoom account using the same password and user name. There is no specific administrator or different passwords for different people to enter.


Recently someone entered the zoom account and started a meeting. They were in the meeting but it was not acting like they were the host of the meeting. They could not see when new people were in the waiting room, waiting to join the meeting.


Is it possible that when I went into the account an hour before the meeting to create a different meeting on a different date, when I didn't sign out of the account after I was finished, could that have created a problem for the person starting the meeting?


I wasn't at the meeting with them so I am not certain what they experienced but they did say that they couldn't see all of the people in the waiting room, and so, could not let them in to start the meeting.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @LaurelMoorhead.


Sharing the account credentials is a bad idea, and potentially in violation of Zoom's Terms of Service. Can you elaborate on your need for meeting initiation shared by many?  There are various ways of setting this up properly and safely, and with more information, I can give you the best information. 

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The non-profit I'm referring to has no paid staff and in order to share the work load, many people schedule and start meetings. There is no real way for non-profits to limit themselves to a single person to do this, as it is too much of a burden on a single volunteer. 


I will let them know that they may be in violation of the Terms of Service but that may mean they will have to look for another platform to host their meetings.


This is very disappointing.


Just to be clear, I am not talking about my personal Zoom account, but I am talking about a nonprofit organization that I was trying to help out.