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Meeting ID errors


Hi there,

I teach on zoom each week, and send out 8 links 4-5 days before the meeting each Friday.

When I then go to that meeting on Friday and try to open it, it says 'incorrect meeting ID' and won't open.

I usually then panic - and re-send links to participants and ask them to ignore the previous link.


However, why is this happening?  How can I avoid this as it feels like i am confusing my students... something is going wrong,

with kind wishes and thanks




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @annbee trying to understand this better - are you saying that the links are changing when you resend them? The only time a meeting would be invalid is if it was deleted, would be great to get a step by step workflow from you but since we wouldnt want to share that info online I would suggest creating a case im sure we can get this figured out fairly easily or optimize the workflow better to avoid this.