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Enable a simple, secure "On-Call" solution for Healthcare organizations with Zoom Phone

Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Create a simple, secure solution with Zoom Phone for workers that are "On Call"!


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Zoom Phone enables organizations with on-call employees to have calls redirected to their mobile Zoom application (on iOS or Android) and be notified with secure transcribed messages (voicemail or SMS) while meeting compliance.

Requirement: Healthcare providers, biotech, pharma, behavioral health, small clinic customers must have a BAA (Business Associates Agreement) with Zoom to enable/achieve HIPAA compliance.


Other features:

  • Receive transcribed voice mail messages.
  • Send Receive SMS/MMS messages to patients.
  • Receive a transcribed recording of patient/on-call resource voice interaction.
  • Works with Android or iOS mobile devices.
  • Can be HIPAA compliant. (BAA must be signed)
  • PHI info stays encrypted in ZP cloud and not stored on personal mobile devices.

How does this work?
Healthcare providers can utilize Zoom Phone's native Call Queue feature to achieve this workflow and outcome.



Must be a Zoom Phone Licensed user.

Each person "On Call" must have a Zoom Phone License



1. Create a Zoom Phone Call Queue in the Zoom Portal

2. Route after-hours call to the On-Call call queue.

3. "On-Call" workers can opt-in or opt-out to take "on-call" calls with a simple toggle.



Calls are routed to on-call personnel securely.

Simple, easy way to turn on/off.

Calls can be recorded and transcribed.

Calls are sent to Zoom Phone work number and not a personal cell phone.

Messages show the caller ID name and number of the caller and a transcription of the voice mail message if left.

SMS back and forth to patients securely from Zoom Phone Number,  not from a personal cell phone.

Call back from the company On-Call number - not a personal cell phone number.



Link: Managing Zoom Call Queues 


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