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Welcome to the Zoom Community--Introduce Yourself!

Zoom Moderator

Hi everyone! 👋🏽


Welcome to the Zoom Community! I’m Bri, and I’m one of the community moderators here at Zoom. We’re SUPER excited to have you here in this collaborative space! We would love to get to know our community members. Please reply below to introduce yourself! 👇🏽


I’ll go first 😎 💙


Location: Memphis, TN 🐻


Favorite things to do: Writing, watching sports & going on late-night Taco Bell runs 🌮


How long I’ve been using Zoom? Two years! 🚀🚀


What’s your go-to virtual background? I love anything that showcases nice home decor and a view  🏙


​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year? A 10-year-old’s surprise birthday party 🎂


Let’s give our Zoom Community members a warm welcome!!! 👏🏽👏🏽


As a friendly reminder, if you haven’t already done so please review our Community Guidelines.


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Zoom Moderator

Yay @Bri ! Love this 🤗 

Hey all I'm Virginia - but you can also call me VA - I'm a moderator here at the Zoom Community and I am so excited to meet you all! 

Location:  Denver, CO 🏔


Favorite things to do: Road trips, reading, pretending I'm a gardener, and friendly debates about Star Trek 


How long I’ve been using Zoom? Same as Bri! Two years 💙 


What’s your go-to virtual background? Anything that showcases a holiday or season, I love changing it up regularly! 🍂☃️🏖


​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year?  A friends wedding!  💍

Virginia Johnson (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team

Amazing.great to know you. Stay safe.


Hello - Loveable Zoom People’s 

My name is Ghoto Sahab.


Thank you for amazing platform which is very special for live classes when I need to attend my class of Download PC Softwares, I always use zoom.


Thank You!

So happy to hear that! Nice to meet you 😊

Zoom Moderator

Hello!! 👋 It's here, Zoom Community! 🚀


Hello you wonderful people, I am Riley, the Zoom Community Moderator, and I'm super excited to meet you all and collaborate on all things Zoom! Here are some interesting things about me... 🥁🥁🥁


Location:  Kansas City! (Super Bowl LIV champs and best BBQ!) 🍗❤️💛


Favorite things to do: Experiencing new places! It's gaming time! Experimenting with new foods! TikTok and scrolling! Things that keep me entertained are pretty basic. 😄


How long I’ve been using Zoom? Same as @Bri and @VA - 2 years! 


What’s your go-to virtual background? Have you thought about using a video as a background? It's something I'm all for! The bouncing DVD logo is my all-time favorite. It's a little distracting, but it keeps meetings interesting as everyone waits for it to bounce into the corner perfectly.


​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year?  Family Thanksgiving! 


This is fun @Bri !


I'm Evan, the Web Content Creator for Zoom's Help Center! We're excited to have all Zoom users here to share ideas, solve problems and get to networking!


Location: Fort Collins, CO


Favorite things to do: Watch Kansas basketball ❤️💙, visit local craft breweries 🍻 and snuggle my kittens 🐱


How long I’ve been using Zoom? 3️⃣ years!


What’s your go-to virtual background? Anything that shows my Jayhawk pride!


​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year? My cousins choir performance 🎶

Zoom Moderator

@evanratt Rock Chalk!


I'll bite (not really! 😁)

Location: Bellevue, WA

Favorite things to do: Working, dining (in or out), watching the detectives,  SMTWA - Social Media Time Wasters Anonymous (I know, I need a better acronym!)

How long I’ve been using Zoom? 1.41 years.

What’s your go-to virtual background? Blur

​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year? Nothing notable <sigh>.



Zoom Moderator

Lol! Welcome to the community @dwrogers  🎉🎉

 Welcome @dwrogerscheck out OnZoom and explore a ton of unique events for you to attend virtually! Including ones all about food and drinks!

Zoom Moderator

Hi Bri! Loving this so much😎


Hey everyone, my name is Andre Kar and I'm currently a Community & Social Media intern here at Zoom. It's so great to meet you all!


Location: San Ramon, CA (East Bay Area!) 

Favorite things to do: traveling, writing, snowboarding, and going to music festivals

How long I've been using Zoom: since March 2020 (the start of the pandemic, for online classes at UCSB!) 

Go-to virtual background: anything with the beach, or anything with forest vibes!

Most unique Zoom event I attended in the last year: my fraternity at UCSB hosted a virtual alumni panel where our members got to interact and network with professionals in several different fields! 


Hello all,

Location: NY, NY 🗽


Favorite things to do: Spending time with my family,  time outdoors in nature 🌳, reading 📚, running, movies, people watching, coaching, teaching, facilitating, cooking & eating 🍽..


How long I’ve been using Zoom? Just looked back and see I have been on Zoom meetings since 2015 and have been using for workshop facilitation since 2016! (Wow, didn't realize I'm so "seasoned"! )


What’s your go-to virtual background? I always use my neat and tidy clean apartment in the background. 😉


What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year? A Zoom funeral and a Zoom wedding shower.

Since 2015?! That's AMAZING! We're glad to have you here 😊

Can you tell me how I can change the time of appointment I have with a zoom helper?




my name is Lynnit was taken at christmasit was taken at christmas

Hi 👋I tend to take a lot of photos around the holidays as well 😁. Welcome to the community! 


Hi from Long Island, New York.

I'm part of an Italian Genealogical Group

We Have been using Zoom Webinar since over a year.

Our Logo is sometimes used as a background.

Member interactive help sessions.

Hi @Italiangen2021! Welcome and thanks for sharing all the cool ways you've been using Zoom 😎


Hello @Bri 

Location:  Bandung, Indonesia 🇮🇩


Favorite things to do:  Internet surfing,  contributing, playing with my Family 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦


How long I’ve been using Zoom? Two years! 






What’s your go-to virtual background? I love panorama 🏞




​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year? A big Family reunion



Zoom Moderator

@titan a family reunion on Zoom? That sounds like a lot of fun! 😁


Hi Bri,

Thank you for the welcome.

I'm based in London, UK

I like playwrighting, going to theatre and good food!

Been using Zoom for about 3 years - 1 year for my own workshops.

My go to virtual background is anything to do with nature, landscapes, planets, oceans etc.

Most exciting Zoom event was a Zoom theatre production - was amazing.


Hope I can get some help here, look forward to being part of the community.


Zoom Moderator

@labass7 Welcome! I'd imagine watching a Zoom theatre production would be like watching a movie where you could see everyone's reactions 😁


Hello from Indonesia!


Location: Jakarta, Indonesia


Favorite things to do: Riding my Gravel Bike! 


How long I’ve been using Zoom? 4-5 years! 🚀🚀


What’s your go-to virtual background? Zoom virtual background "whats make me happy" & some cafe background.


​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year? Our Indonesia President Mr. Jokowi Zoom events that supported by Us(PT. Kayreach System) & Zoom Teams!



I am Zoom Enthusiast (Part of PT. Kayreach System, Indonesia Authorized Reseller, Certified Zoom Room, Zoom Phone, and Pro AV Integrator)

Zoom Moderator

@Nafi I love that background! We're so glad to have you here in the Zoom Community 💙


Location: Manila, Philippines


Favorite things to do: helping others, reading online product reviews, online shopping and leave them not checking out the cart 😂, sleeping when I'm done for the day, a bit of playing online games, eating, going to the beach 


How long I’ve been using Zoom? a little over two years


What’s your go-to virtual background? I love anything that showcases nature


​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year? A wedding

Zoom Moderator

@Peter_Uy Welcome! I'm really glad to hear I'm not the only one who leaves abandoned online shopping carts all over the place 😄

Virginia Johnson (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team

@VA it's fun and cute, right? 😂


Welcome everyone! Member of the Zoom security team here, happy to be in the community with you all to answer any security-related questions. Feel free to tag me in them!


Location: Reno, NV


Favorite things to do: Line dancing, learning new languages, spending time with m kids.


How long I’ve been using Zoom? Long time user, new time employee 


What’s your go-to virtual background? Fancy loft interiors or the opposite: totally zen outdoor gardens/backyards. 


​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year? Golf lessons lol.

Zoom Moderator

@shecurity welcome! Also, that username? LOVE IT 😄


Location: I am Jennifer saying hello from the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Favourite things to do: Research, reading, trying new things, teaching and helping others to become successful, painting, sewing, looking at a great movie especially romance and find enjoyment in life.

How long I've been using Zoom: Since the Covid 19 Pandemic  from 2020.

What is your go to Zoom virtual background:  these are not a feature available on a tablet or phone, so natural where ever the zoom event takes place.

What is the the most unique Zoom activity attended for the past year?  Our Virtual graduation.


Hi @Specialist50 ! Welcome to our community 💙What was your virtual graduation like? I was supposed to have a virtual graduation this past year, but I overslept and missed it 😂


Hi, this is Abhishek from India glad to join zoom community

Hi Abhishek, and we're glad you've joined us here 💙


Hi,  I've been an IT professional for over 20 years and have been coaching business owners on web marketing and social media marketing.

Location: Silicon Valley, California




Favorite things to do: YouTubing, writing blogs, building websites, camping, rafting, fishing, biking, movies and music




How long I’ve been using Zoom? Two years! 






@Chinesebay-com welcome to the community! ☀️




My name is Suzanne, but for this community I will go by Ladybug.



Location:  Austin, Texas


Favorite things to do: Bead crystals


How long I’ve been using Zoom? 2 years


What’s your go-to virtual background?  Anything resembling a forest.


​​What's the most unique Zoom event you've attended in the last year? Birthday I attended while I was in the hospital.

Zoom Moderator

@ladybug grateful to have you here! I'm a huge fan of greenery as well 🌲

Aw, probably a while ago, but why were you in the hospital?