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I've been a user (not host) of zoom meetings for years. Suddenly today I missed 3 webinars b/c when I clicked on the button to join, I got the message I needed to upgrade to latest zoom. All instructions I find online assume I already have zoom client desk or something like that. I don't have that and can't find it to download. Seems I have to have an account of some sort to sign and get any help. I didn't know one needed to have an account or plan to use zoom. I did download a file called zoominstallerFull.exe and later zoominstaller.exe but neither one opens or installs when I L click or R click on the name. Don't know where to go from here. Can anybody help with this?  



Same thing happened to me on Monday, May 8th. Im running El Capitan on a Mac Pro. Prior to having this problem, I've been able to reinstall one of the packages just fine without issue but on Monday it wont run anymore and all the updates are crashing. Please advise where I can find a compatible version of Zoom for my version of Mac. There haven't been any hardware changes on my end, so there is no excuse for Zoom to suddenly stop supporting my OS. Thanks,

Hi BicycleGuy ~ Here's what I figured out...on my own, no less!

After downloading zoominstaller.exe to update zoom 3  times and still being unable to open or install the download, I decided to switch to Chrome browser and download. 

It wasn't until I uninstalled the existing (old) zoom program on my PC that I was able to open the downloaded zoominstaller.exe and install. Finished in time today to attend the webinar I wanted. Yay for me!! Hope this works for you.