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changing physical address


Has anyone found a way to change their physical address in their account profile while keeping their current email address?  I don't have another email address and need to keep my current email address associated with my zoom account for the purpose of sending out zoom meeting invitations to my members.  Thanks!  Sarah


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @SarahRatliff9 


I'm curious where you are seeing the physical address and not being able to change it! You can change your Billing Address in the Zoom Web Portal under Account Management > Billing > Billing Information (


I hope this helps!





I followed your directions but there is no place to update the physical address, which is showing on my invoice (see below). Please advise Thanks!

disregard I found it under billing contact

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @SarahRatliff9,


Were you able to change your address?  On the Zoom web portal, go to Admin -> Account Management -> Billing -> Billing Information tab. (You can use this link to go directly: )


On the Billing Contact group, click the blue Edit button on the right. Make your changes, then scroll down and click Save Changes

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