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You cannot authorize Wellness Living


We have a zoom pro business license and have had it connected through Wellness Living for our fitness and wellness business.  The account became disconnected recently and when trying to reconnect, through Wellness Living, the error message received is: "You cannot authorize Wellness Living.  This app has been suspended by Zoom temporarily. Please contact Zoom App Marketplace support team for more details."  Sadly, a zoom pro account apparently does not have access to phone support or chat support with regards to technical issues like this.  Not sure how a paid account cannot have any support out side of a community forum, but that's beside the point.  The real point is that an integration that was working is now not working and Wellness Living says its a zoom issue, yet there's now way to ask anyone at zoom what's wrong or could be causing this issue.   Anyone here ever see this error and/or have any insights on potential resolutions?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @AZOFitness, welcome to the Zoom Community. We appreciate your contribution!


In this case, you will need to reach out to the developer support for the WellnessLiving app in order to understand why it was temporarily suspended on Zoom's side. I'm afraid to say that we don't have any other information regarding this as this type of information should come from the developers of the app itself. 


However, I was able to do a bit of digging and found these ways to reach out:

To contact WellnessLiving by email
To contact WellnessLiving by phone



I'm sorry that I do not have more information at this time, but I hope this will help,
Zoom Community Team

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Carla (she/her/hers)
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Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?


Have you resolved this issue yet ? I am having the same issue as a new Wellness Living customer. We cannot Authorized ZOOM during setup of the FitLive application.


No.  Wellness Living has finally, after 2+ weeks, acknowledged that something in their latest release broke their integration with Zoom and are "working" with Zoom to get it corrected.  If the connection is already setup, it's good to go.  But, establishing, or re-establishing as in our case, no-go.  


We were having issues with the connection and WL advised to disconnect and reconnect the connection to fix it.  Well, we got disconnected and still cannot reconnect.  I am asking for a full refund of all monthly fees, not just FitLIVE as we are having to setup and send out our own class links and it's causing a ton of confusion with our community.