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Windows blue screen crash using a surface pro 8


Nearly everytime i use zoom, windows crashes with an ominous blue screen followed by an automatic restart (see file attached).  There is a loud noise (like a humming) which I assume is the fan. 

I contacted windows, which seemed aware of the issue.  Made a few adjustment that did not work. and told me to contact zoom.

Cant get anyone from zoom on chat to discuss the issue.  so i post it here

Am I the only one with this issue?  What can I do?

I have tried the uninstall / reinstall procedure already.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Since you are using a Windows Operating System, kindly try using CleanZoom to uninstall your Zoom desktop application:

After that, reboot/restart your computer and try downloading a different bit.


See if that will solve the issue. Try opening Zoom without opening other applications as well. 


thanks for the reply

I applied what you suggested and it did not resolve the issue...  another crash just now...

I cant understand why neither Microsoft not Zoom seem to know nor care about this issue

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

I would really love to further help you out regarding this but since you have already tried the steps that I have mentioned, it seems that you really need to contact Microsoft or a local technician to take a look at it.

But I suggest trying to reformat your laptop/computer's Operating System, and see if that will resolve the issue, if not, you really need to reach out to Microsoft or consult a local technician.

Thanks for the answer.

I contacted Microsoft and windows.  They told me it was an issue with the software.

i now contact zoom who tells me it is an issue with the harware…

i am not the only one with this issue.  It seems to be quite frequent on surface devices.

but I guess I will have to live with it as both parties just pass the blame to each other instead of working the issue through…

anyhow, thanks the answers

and apologies if you don’t work for zoom and are just trying to help!

You don’t have to live with it. These people need to provide a refund if not class action as it should be product recall. Make noise post it on social media LInkedIn Twitter tag MSGT in etc. real scums! 



they will send you a new high spec device. 

Ok so if I need to teach by sharing screen use webcam etc then there is no choice but face the screen of death. 


I got the same problem with surface pro 8 -when I use Zoom!

Who can help, please ?????

So frustrated!

Yes, so frustrated!

Me too!! I’ve gone through 3 laptops all new with the same problem. It’s definitely a zoom issue . 

I’ve had this problem for over a year and this week I decided to try downgrading to Microsoft 10. So far no blue screen errors! It’s been a week and normally I would have experienced up to 5 blue screen errors a day during calls. I would try this 🙂 good luck 



I have the same problem with my surface pro 8.

Mine is only 10 days. At this moment that happened 6 times. I uninstall ones and, it worked 2 days, but today was  the  same problem

I have been dealing with this for the past 6 months!!  MSFT refuse to give my money back and keep sending replacement devices in exchange and asking me to do all this testing. Of course I have send one devise back. Been a complete waste of time. You and everyone here might need to resort to reporting this to consumer affairs or fair trading in your country.  I am surprised no one has commenced a class action here. 

Microsoft is telling me in order to get a replacement they have to put a hold on my card for the amount of a device as they await my old one to be sent back. 


Bought it from Best Buy. 


Did you have to pay upfront to recieve a replacement?

Don’t bother. I’ve just returned my second surface pro 8 and now my 3rd one is having the same issue. It’s a zoom issue not Microsoft… 

Seek legal action 


Same issue here... I found this on youtube:  don't know if it will work, but worth a try



I'm experiencing the same issue with a surface pro 7+. Have done all of the troubleshooting steps Microsoft has recommended. Might try this step that was suggested, but I'm experiencing the same issue with any video conferencing; zoom, Google Meets, telehealth. 


I've been experiencing the same issue since April 2022!  I've done all of the troubleshooting steps Microsoft has recommended and send back my surface with credit card deposit and it was complete waste of time. Class action would be the last way to solve tihs promlem...


I've just contacted MS support for the second time since I had experienced the problem. This time the support person says that they already know about the issue and the problem is due to the incompatible cord of zoom for surface devices. They say that zoom has to meet their code to the system requirment of suface devices such as laptop, pro7 and pro8. Only they can do is to tell me to wait for the zoom update.


I’ve had the same problem. I’ve just returned my 3rd surface pro to Microsoft and now I’m realising it’s a zoom problem because it’s happened with 3 different new computers. 
Zoom really needs to fix this. I use zoom everyday all day, I will be very disappointed if I have to cancel my subscription and use another platform… 

I’m experiencing the same problem. For temporary solution, try using web cam instead inner camera on Surface. The problem would be temporarily solved. 


This has been happening to me for months did you ever resolve it?

Was never solved 

Someone in the thread says that Microsoft finally seems aware of the problem and blames zoom

The only solution is to either stop using zoom or change computers

As I can't stop zoom for work, I changed my computer

Rather strange and frustrating situation 

Was never solved. But only stupid way to avoid blue screen is to use usb web camera instead of inner camera of a Surface.  It certainly works… I think it’s the problem of the hardware design of surface…

So, you're suggesting that we can use an external camera (USB-C) and that works? If so, I will happily order one now...

I put my surface back to Windows 10 and it works perfectly.  Has not crashed sense.  Zoom on Windows 11 must just overload surfaces.

You can put your surface on Windows 10 and it works



Hey!! This was happening to me daily and I finally tried putting my surface back on Windows 10 and now it never crashes.  Annoying that Microsoft and Zoom wont actually work to fix the problem, but if you can't get a new computer and need Zoom, try this.


Yes currently going through the same issue with surface pro 8. They replaced with the laptop version of the tablet. No blue screen but the new device gets very hot and the screen covers the keyboard in tablet mode unlike the surface pro. Microsoft refused to refund initially. They sent like 3 different surface pros despite knowing that there is an issue with zoom and screen sharing web cam etc.

Class Action against MSFT anyone?


This happened to me every day on zoom. I finally decided to put my surface back to windows 10 and now I have no issues.  I think Zoom and Windows 11 on the surface just are not compatable which is ridiculous.



        I also have a Surface Pro 8 with Windows 11, which has been having issues with software crashes when running Zoom (and complete crashes when starting Windows 11).  I just tried disabling hardware acceleration as shown in the attached screenshot, and my meeting of almost an hour with turning on and off the sharing of my own screen was the most stable I can recall having (i.e., I did not have a crash of Zoom).  Has anyone had long-term success by disabling hardware acceleration in Zoom to prevent crashing?  My system might have been using more CPU and memory, but I can continute to bear the burden if there is long-term stability until Microsoft and Zoom resolve these issues.  Thank you very much.