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Unable to cancel the Professional subscription that was purchased through the App Store


I connected a Zoom One Professional subscription when paying through the App Store, the subscription turned out to be limited due to payment through the App Store. Disconnected in order to switch to the Business tariff with connection via the Zoom website, the subscription was disconnected, but the validity period of the paid period is until February 28. Requested a refund in order for the subscription to be canceled, the App Store confirmed the cancellation of the subscription, returned the funds. When trying to switch to the Zoom Business tariff, it is indicated that there is a Zoom One Professional subscription connected via the App Store, which also changed from the Canceled status to the Active status after the subscription was canceled by the App Store. I ask you to help cancel the Zoom One Professional subscription, after which I will be able to switch to the Zoom Business tariff plan with payment via the website.