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Subscription Prices


Hi. I'm an English teacher from Brazil and have just been downgraded to the simple version of Zoom, which will enable me to classes that'll last no more than 40 minutes. However much I think it's fair that Zoom will charge for longer periods, I must say the company has been overlooking important facts. I subscribed to "Zoom One" last year due to the sound discount I received. Even though, the amount I paid already corresponded to roughly 50% of the minimum wage in Brazil. Yes, that's true. What Zoom charges from clients in Brazil (US$ 175.00) is close to the current minimum wage of the country. The question that arises from this is: shouldn't Zoom Communications be aware of this and offer more affordable prices for clients in third world countries? Anyway, I would like to clarify that my classes (not meetings) using Zoom consist of one-to-one events, that will last around an hour, five to ten times a day (weekdays only). I don't talk to 100 people. I don't use fancy resources. Isn't there something Zoom could do for me ?