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Ripped off and cut off by Zoom


I have managed a Zoom Business account with for years. I was asked if I wanted to update to a better version that included transcription. As we are therapists who tape our sessions, I agreed as that feature was helpful and I remeber being told it was only 25 dollars more per person. Since I trusted Zoom, I asked my colleagues, they agreed and (my mistake), I signed the contract without going over it carefully.  I was shocked by the bill and have been trying to deal with Zoom since then to let us go back to our original plan. No one needed or uses the phone or any feautures of the plan. All I have gotten back from customer care is telling me the "sustem" will not allow them to let me go back to the original plan. When I write back, I get a message the case is closed and I need to start all over. When they wanted me to upgrade, they were very available to talk to a person live. As I want to downgrade, they are not responsive or rude or lie to me. I am hoping someone has contact information of someone I can escalate this to as I feel like they deceived me. Without being able to downgrade, as I am footing the bill as no one is using the so-called perks, we will find another product in the future like doxyme but I prefer to work this out with Zoom before escalating this outside the company. Suggestions welcomed. Thanks


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Not sure what you purchased. If you are talking about wanting audio transcription of the cloud recordings that is available in any of the paid plans from Pro on up. But it sounds like you purchased VOIP phone service which is part of the Business Plus plan which is 22.49 /month/user/ billed annually with a minimum of 10 users which would provide voice mail transcription of phone calls and require special hardware (phones). If that is the case then you may be able to downgrade in the web portal. However, if you purchase some specially contracted plan then that may very well be locked out from downgrading.