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Yesterday I went to pay for my Pro Plans annual fee. Somehow I ended up buying the Zoom One Business Pro Plan. I saw that it was going to be $199 for the year... but it actually said a month. I did not look closely at what else it was telling me. It then charged me almost 2K. I am now in the negative with my bank and am trying to get this resolved. I have cancelled the subscription and am hoping for a refund. However- I am afraid I will not get the refund because I used zoom after the money was taken out and the plan unwanted plan was set up. Any and all help is welcome!


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @cowslove16 correct, when at, you will see in detail, business plans start a 10 licenses



You can also see with pro plan types you can only have up to 9 licenses before its technically a business plan type. 


For refund and plan changes, I would suggest reaching out to our Zoom billing support as they do not monitor the community. You can create a ticket here

Zoom Community Moderator

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