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Pro is $12.49/mo but it is trying to bill me $159 instead of $149.


Pro is $12.49/mo but it is trying to bill me $159 instead of $149. Anyone have any ideas on this? I saw this thread here but it's been dead for a while:


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @2realist4u.


I've never seen the Pro plan at $12.49 for a monthly subscription... but the annual subscription I've been being charged is $149.88, which is 12 x $12.49.  The monthly subscription has been $14.99/month.  I've had my Pro plan now for at least 4 years, and so far, I've seen no price increase to current users.


But clearly on the Pricing page at -- if you log out of your account or visit from a private/incognito page, it now lists the monthly subscription price of $15.99, and an annual subscription price of $159.84 based on $13.32 x 12.  So this price is for new accounts. 


I'm not sure when the price change went into effect, but don't be confused by the different prices -- the higher prices (including the annual rate of $159.84) seem to only apply if you are a new/first-time user. I believe that annual renewals for current subscribers remain at $149.88.

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