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I upgraded my account but somehow wound up with two accounts with the same user name


I upgraded my Zoom account. Instead of upgrading my account, Zoom created a second account with the same email address as the user name. Now when I start a meeting, I don't know which account I'll be using and whether the meeting will have to end after 30 or 40 minutes. I would delete the original profile, but I'm nervous about Zoom software quality. (I am sure that I specified a pay-per-month plan, but Zoom charged me for the whole year in advance, which I did not expect and did not intend to consent to.) Now I never know which account I am signing in to when I launch zoom. thank goodness I used different photos for the profiles.


Can I delete my original (free) account with 100% confidence that I won't be deleting the paid account too, and flushing away a year's prepayment? The Zoom chatbot was flummoxed by this question. 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @jdhildebrand 


Thank you for reaching out to Zoom Community!


I recommend that you submit a request to Zoom Billing for assistance. They may need to access your account to help.


Please click Accept as Solution if this led you to a resolution. This will help others who may have the same question.