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I need to talk to a live customer-service representative to fix my account


A year ago I came here because I somehow had two Zoom accounts associated with the same email address. Since you use the email to log in, one of the accounts was unreachable. Somehow both were paid. I never got the money back for the account I couldn't access.


I thought I got the secondary account deleted last year using advice I received here.


But no. I got notifications that my renewal payment was past due on that account. I ignored them, since the Visa card I used for the accounts had expired. But my bank statement shows that Zoom charged my expired Visa card more than a month after it expired, renewing the account I can't access for another year.


I went to the Web portal and the support pages and tried to explain to bots, but they don't listen, they only type solutions to other people's problems. The bots are frustrating and annoying.


I continue to get "overdue billing" notes for the second of my two accounts. I followed the directions on Zoom's support pages to cancel that account. The same page at the Zoom web portal shows the account cancelled, an overdue payment notice, and the news that my account will be cancelled a year from now.


I never wanted two Zoom Pro accounts.


Today I want ZERO Zoom Pro accounts.


I want a refund of the unauthorized charge to my expired Visa card.


I sent email to several likely Zoom email addresses, but they They all bounced back as undeliverable. Those emails included screen captures, downloaded invoices, and all the information they would have needed to verify my story.


I don't live in the US and I can't call the toll-free support number.


How do I contact Zoom support and get them to straighten this out?



Does anyone from Zoom monitor these forums?