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I had an annual Pro account - then asked to join another users account structure -- now a mess!


I was invited to join another users account to make it easier for me to host her meetings when she was not available. Sounds great -- I've been on zoom for 18 months and have most recently held an annual pro account. I have a number of regularly scheduled meetings for people who are homebound -- and now that I accepted the invite -- my pro account has disappeared -- it became a basic account beneath my friends account. 


I want to  know how we can back out of this mess? So I can resume my pro account -- maintaining the current zoom meeting ID/PW information --  Many of my homebound meeting attendees are in their 80's and consistency is critical.  


any suggestions - PLEASE??



Community Champion | Employee
Community Champion | Employee

@KGEORGENS  If you ask the administrator of the account that you merged with to provide you with a license all of your meeting, recording, and profile data will restore. The likely reason that you are a basic user now is that you possibly asked that the refund for your pro account go back to you. If you did not and promoted the license to the account you associated with then the Owner/ Admin of the account can assign you a license and your data will be restored. I hope this was helpful. 

Brandon (he/him/his)
Zoom Community Champion
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?