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Error Coe 124


I am trying to open a recorded meeting and I get this message:


Sign in with the same Zoom Account on the web to open this account. Error Code: 124


I only have one account. I am on the web. My profile picture is correct on my account.


Any and all help letting me know what to do is appreciated!!!!!!!!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello, I would double check the email. You are correct, the error points to a user usually not signed into the Zoom desktop client or signed in using a different email address/Zoom account than the original host of the meeting / recording.


If you have verified the below steps, I would open a case with support to help you further troubleshoot. 


  1. Check the email address logged in at the Zoom web portal


    Check and make sure that the email address signed into the Zoom desktop client is the same

  3. If the customer signed into a different email address/Zoom account, have them switch accounts or sign out