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Basic vs Pro License


At our organisation, we don't have enough pro licenses for everyone. The majority of staff have a basic license. We need a way of determining who gets a pro license and who gets a basic license. Does anyone else here have a method of determining this? A decision tree, for example?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello, if I understand the question correctly, you want a way to automatically assign licenses to users who should have pro licenses correct? You internally make this decision based on user type requirements. They can be assigned in the following ways:


SSO mapping: We can take any user attribute from your Identity Mgmt System (by dept, role or other type of attribute) and when a user signs in with an appropriate value, we can assign them a license automatically.


CSV update: You can bulk license users by updating their license type with a CSV file upload.


Default by domain: you can set default values for users to be licensed if they are part of a specific domain

Thanks for that Freddi_G, not quite what I was looking for, probably because I didn't explain it very well 🙄. We need a way to determine who should get a pro license and will get a basic license based on their role. I just wondered if anyone else has tackled this and if they came up with a solution. So, if a staff member needs to regularly host meetings of longer than 40 mins, then they get a pro license. But do we need to assess other pros/cons between the different licenses and what would be a good process for that?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Understanding the differences between the two license types will definitely help, although the biggest notable differences are duration, capacity and the ability to cloud record.


Things to think about when deciding who gets a license:


Who needs to actually schedule and host the meetings vs mainly participating?

Do they need to schedule a meeting that lasts longer than 40 minutes?

Do they need to cloud record for posterity?

Do they want a Personal Meeting ID?

Do they want to schedule for others?

Are there additional add ons they need to do their job? These add ons always require a license: Large Meeting Add On, Webinar or Audio Conferencing


If the answer to any of these are "yes" then I would base the decision to license off the above requirements.


Hope this helps!