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Bombarded with cloud storage emails, when storage is empty


My business account was deactivated on the 5th March 2023. Since then I have been getting constant emails telling me my cloud storage is almost full. However, when I access my account my cloud storage is empty.
There must have been recordings on my business account, but I cannot access them.

Can anyone tell me how to delete them, or how to contact Zoom to delete them for me?
Will the emails stop at any point?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @SeeWhat19 


Please see that you are following these steps to view/ delete your recordings:


Also, Ensure your trash is deleted for all recordings. See screenshot:




If this response helps, please accept the answer as an accepted solution, so others can benefit as well.





Thank you for this. Unfortunately I have no access to "recording management", or any sort of trash files.


Do you have any other ideas?

Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 10.31.17.png

Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 10.31.01.png