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Hands up in meeting not reflecting the same on 2 users different screens


We have a problem with zoom in one of our meeting rooms - the screen itself is showing many more raised hands in the meeting than on a different users screen. If you look at the attached pictures of what was shown on a laptop compared to one of our Zoom rooms as what is shown on the laptop is the correct one.


Please can you let us know why this is happening


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @faceoffaith,


There's probably no definitive answer about why this happened -- thanks for providing two images for comparison!  I'll ask a few questions, the answers to which might help indicate the source of the problem.


I see that the hands raised were different between the two pictures, but did this disparity continue throughout the entire meeting, every time you asked for hands to be raised?  Did the number (and placement) of hands eventually become the same for this specific instance?  How did this compare to the Host's Participant window, which would show who has raised hands?  Were you having any audio/video delays that might indicate network issues?  Does this happen in meetings subsequent to this one, and with meetings of only 3-4 participants?


I'm guessing here that there was a time delay issue.  A person clicks "Raise Hand", and a message goes to the Zoom server, and the Zoom server relays that message to all of the participants, and each participant's Zoom client or web browser receives that message and then updates the screen.  If there is a network bandwidth issue - even temporarily - this might cause the indication to be delayed on one computer, but not another one.  This issue can be especially apparent when many participants are located in the same space on the same network... since there are then multiple streams of Zoom audio, video, and status information (like the presence of Raised Hands from others) flowing through the local network.


If you have any additional detailed information to share that might be helpful, let me know and I'll see if some other scenario comes to mind.

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Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@faceoffaith @Ray_Harwood , 


 This is a known issue that is set to be resolved in version 5.12.0 coming at the end of September. Please review the release pages in Zoom Support to see when the release will be GA. 




Brandon (he/him/his)
Zoom Community Champion
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

Still an issue. Today I joined a meeting late and the order I saw was completely different from the order everyone else saw. Was frustrating since I took over as host and needed to call on people - someone had to send me the order in chat.