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history, meeting report date limitations



I am having problems obtaining a list of past meetings. when I go to Report>Usage Reports> Meeting Report, it does not allow me to go farther than 1 year and allows me to only get a report for a month?? what is the reason for that? I am writing an annual report for an international organization and cannot get the full list of zoom meetings I did in the year of 2022. This is terrible. 


The second problem is when I go to Meetings>Previous, it is possible to see past meetings but these are scheduled ones not the actual meeting dates, which is totally confusing. 


I would like zoom to find a solution to this issue because meeting dates and attendees is a major concern for future reports that we will write. I cannot see past events older than 1 year and can get a report 1 month at a time. I should be able to find past meetings using keywords or meeting ids. It should not be that difficult and cumbersome. 



Dr. Turer.


PS: this is the comment I left if you find this useful, no: "I cannot get usage reports for more than 1 month, this is a useless limitation please make it at least a year. Secondly, the history constraint is also terrible. I want to see my meetings for a report that I am preparing and I need to see all ISCARSAH meeting dates in 2022; first I cannot see before June 2022, second I can only take a month of report? what is the reason or meaning behind this. Terrible !!!"



Did you ever get an answer?  I am having the same problem -- I can only get history of the past month even after I change the date frame.