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cannot screen share minimized application on MacBook


I work between a PC and a MacBook for work. On my PC, I minimize Acrobat and Excel (for example) and when I click on Share for screen share, these applications are in the box as choices to screen share. However, when I am on my MacBook in a Zoom call and I have these same applications minimized and I try to screen share, these applications are not showing as available. It is not until I maximize the application and then go back to the Zoom app that I see them as an option to screen. I have never noticed this before on my MacBook. 


Here's what I've done: both the OS software on my Mac and PC are up-to-date. The Zoom software is up-to-date (both as of this morning). I have gone through the Zoom settings and double checked on all the screen sharing settings (as I have never touched these) and everything is as it should be. Yet, I still run into the issue that if an app is "minimized" on my Mac during a call, it will not show up as an option to share under Applications. On my PC, these applications show an available to share (whether they are minimized or not). 


Is this just a subtle difference in Zoom based on the OS (Mac vs Windows) or there I fix for this? It's a minor annoyance to have to "maximize" an application on my Mac just to get it to show up as an option to screen share. 


Any help anyone could offer would be appreciated.