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Zoom causing iPhone overheat - Temperature: iPhone needs to cool down


I was having trouble with Zoom calls shutting down my iPhone 13 due to overheating the phone, so yesterday I bought a brand new iPhone 15. Fully updated. Installed Zoom. Got on a Zoom call today and after 35 minutes the same thing happened and the phone had to cool down, which drops the meeting.  Today I intentionally did not plug the phone into the charger while on the Zoom call since that seems to cause more heat.  I also had the air conditioning going in my vehicle while on the call so that the ambient temperature was cool.  I don't know what else to do.  Thank you for any suggestions.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

If you are running Zoom on an iPhone over the cellular network your phone is drawing a lot of power.

1. Full screen video draws a lot of power because of the display operating at video frame rate.

2. The weaker the cellular signal the more power the cellular radio in the phone uses to send your video.

3. When plugged into a charger the phone will try to satisfy the high power demand.


If you are driving while participating in the meeting the incoming video should be turned off  for safety reasons which will significantly reduce the power demand. You can turn off your video to reduce power demand and since you are in a vehicle your video may not be desirable because of the vehicle environment. You can also dial-in to the meeting instead of using the app which will minimize power consumption and eliminate data usage.

To stop incoming video:

  • Tap the More option in your meeting controls. 
  • Tap Meeting Settings.
  • Find and tap the toggle next to the Stop incoming video option.