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Zoom Translation Issue - Problem continuing translation after opening and closing a breakout room



I had a zoom meeting for my school district and the translation feature worked (with a live translator). I opened a breakout room and closed the breakout room and assumed the translation feature would work when we returned from breakout rooms (I knew it would not work while in the breakout rooms and assigned the Spanish speaking parents to the same room).  I turned the translation feature off and back on, and that did not work.  I removed the translator and put them back in as the translator and that would not work either.  Finally I gave up and had the translator translate mid-meeting.  Is there a trick to keeping the translation going after opening and closing a breakout room, or will it not work after opening and closing a breakout room?  My goal was to talk a little, have a breakout room discussion, return and talk a little, have another breakout room etc.  Or will it only work until a breakout room is open and any breakout rooms would need to be at the end?