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Wrong meeting password


When I join a meeting through a browser, the password is correct, whereas in the app it displays an incorrect password.



Hi Arya_Anand, Hime-Tama here.


Normally, opening the zoom link in the browser should give you a prompt to open the zoom app. If you go ahead and open the meeting in the zoom app, you should be able to go directly into the meeting without having to enter the password manually.


If that isn't working, you can first paste the entire link into the meeting ID box, and it will automatically extract the meeting ID from the URL. However, when you move on to the password field, you need to paste the zoom link somewhere and copy the jumble of letters in the URL that comes after the "pwd=(copy all this stuff because it's the password)", then paste what you copied to your clipboard in the password field in your app and you should be able to enter the zoom meeting. Sometimes meeting links get a bit wonky and don't automatically include the password, or include the wrong password.


Hope this helps!


This doesn't work for me.

I can connect from my phone app just fine, or from the browser directly.  However, I cannot connect using the windows app. It should be noted that the password is 1 character long (not very secure, I know, but it's a meeting open for the general public), so I am not getting the password wrong. It's not caps lock, since I can connect from the browser using the same computer/keyboard. 

When I go to join the meeting (which I join 4 times a week), rather than listing the name of the meeting in the history as is normal, it just says "Zoom Meeting" with the correct Zoom ID following it.  


This happens most frequently after an update, interestingly enough. I thought maybe the other party had not yet updated, but after checking, we're both running the same version, no updates available.

This has happened with several different zoom meetings hosted by different people, so it's not just the 

I've cleared the history, logged out and in, restarted the computer, and nothing works. However, often after just an hour or so, I am able to connect. 

Any thoughts?

I'm having all kinds of password problems, but I do know that if your enter wrong password too many (5?) times, Zoom will lock your account for half an hour. I've usually been able to get in then, sometimes after going into my account and changing the password but not trying to start/join a meeting. Now I'm trying to find out how to clear out all those old passwords (including Google creds) without deleting my entire history.

Thanks for tell me that. I was so confused that sometimes out meeting room computer can't join after a meeting password had been changed. It could be the other colleagues had attempted to enter wrong password for multiple times. So that when I'm trying to enter the correct one, it also says incorrect passcode.

I had exactly the same problem for more than 0.5 hour today. Can not join any meetings. It then went normal later. Definitely some bug somewhere 


xin chào 

Thông thường, việc mở liên kết thu phóng trong trình duyệt sẽ cho bạn lời nhắc mở ứng dụng thu phóng. Nếu bạn tiếp tục và mở cuộc họp trong ứng dụng thu phóng, bạn sẽ có thể trực tiếp vào cuộc họp mà không cần phải nhập mật khẩu theo cách thủ công.


Nếu cách đó không hiệu quả, trước tiên bạn có thể dán toàn bộ liên kết vào hộp ID cuộc họp và nó sẽ tự động trích xuất ID cuộc họp từ URL. Tuy nhiên, khi bạn chuyển sang trường mật khẩu, bạn cần dán liên kết thu phóng vào đâu đó và sao chép mớ chữ cái trong URL đứng sau "pwd = (sao chép tất cả những thứ này vì đó là mật khẩu)", sau đó dán những gì. bạn đã sao chép vào khay nhớ tạm của mình trong trường mật khẩu trong ứng dụng của bạn và bạn sẽ có thể tham gia cuộc họp thu phóng. Đôi khi, các liên kết cuộc họp có một chút rắc rối và không tự động bao gồm mật khẩu hoặc bao gồm mật khẩu sai.


Hi vọng điêu nay có ích !