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Stuck! Can't Host Zoom Meetings on Multiple Devices (Help Needed!)


Hi everyone,

I'm reaching out regarding a limitation I'm experiencing with Zoom. While I understand Zoom allows joining meetings on multiple devices, I'm unable to start separate meetings simultaneously on two different devices (e.g., desktop and phone).


  • I want to host a meeting on my desktop while also joining another meeting as a participant on my phone.
  • Currently, when I attempt to start a meeting on one device while signed in on another, I get logged out of the existing session.


This limitation restricts my ability to manage situations where I need to host a meeting while also attending another one as a participant.

My current plan : 

Pro 1-9 users
12.49 $
/month/user, billed annually
or $14.99 billed monthly

Thanks in advance for any insights or suggestions!



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @Corrector.


Joining multiple sessions is not supported from a Pro account.  See this Zoom Support article for details:


Even higher level accounts can’t Host two meetings simultaneously. See the third paragraph of that article. 


I recommend setting up a separate user on your account with another email address, leave it Basic/unlicensed, and join another meeting in progress with that. But no, you can’t Host two meetings concurrently from one account, period. 

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