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Screenshare: Site Freezes for Participants but not Presenters, Mouse still moves


I'm reaching out to the Community to see if this is occurring for anyone else. I have been in contact with Zoom for three months and they can't find anything wrong.


Here's the issue: I am a trainer for a tech company. We use Zoom to train virtually. I share my screen to show my company's site 95% of the time. I will be the only presenter/screen sharer. What happens is the website I am presenting will freeze for participants viewing but not on my end as a presenter, however, my mouse will still move for them and you can tell that I'm clicking on links, etc. The site itself will freeze and not show responses to my clicks on their end, but not on my end. Nothing else about Zoom glitches (video, sound, etc) and the meeting goes on as if there were no issue because I am not able to detect when it happens unless someone tells me that what they're seeing does not align with what I'm talking about. 



  • The issue occurs when presenting Zoom meetings and webinars
  • It occurs for other trainers, but only those who have the new Windows 11 computers
  • It is not reproducible but random
  • Nothing that we can tell leads up to the issue happening
  • We use Zoomit annotations and/or Zoom annotations, but that does not always precede the issue happening
  • It occurs all when I only share a window, only a tab, on my laptop desktop, on my second desktop
  • Again, nothing else glitches or freezes. My computer does not slow, internet does not slow, etc
  • It occurs when working at home and at the office (wifi and ethernet)

Troubleshooting We've Tried:

  1. Updated Zoom Desktop Client app
  2. Uninstalled and Re-installed Zoom Desktop Client
  3. Ran CleanZoom given to us by Zoom Support
  4. Scheduled Zoom meeting with Zoom Support to try to reproduce the issue but of course it didn't occur in the hour we had with them
  5. Saved meeting logs and sent to Zoom to analyze
  6. Send cloud recordings to Zoom to analyze
  7. Adjusted "Share Screen" settings including toggling on and off "use hardware acceleration to optimize video sharing"


I really just want to know if anyone else has experienced this and if you had a solution. You can bring me solutions if you can think, but seriously, we've tried everything. Thanks!