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Pop Up in Zoom Meeting "Looks Like Your Done Talking"


Does anyone else get pop up text box that say something like: "Looks Like You're Done Talking"?  I did not get the rest because I loose my thought and the moderator can not see a pop up on their end. Don't know if I am being hacked or the host is messing with me? I think it happens when I pause in my comment. Thanks



Hey @AuntGrace this is due to the “Raise Hand Enhancements” feature released in version 5.14.10. There’s currently not a way to disable it. As a workaround, the user can downgrade to a version lower than 5.14.10.


Reference: Release notes for June 5, 2023

Zoom Community Moderator

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I just wanted to add that the Zoom raise-hand enhancements aren't even functioning as intended. I get the popup saying "Looks like you're done talking" when I have just started talking. Maybe it can't handle pauses. It is incredibly distracting and we're having trouble with the automatic lowering hands.

Thank you so much - no one else was seeing and and I was developing a complex.


Yes, it's INCREDIBLY annoying  and really doesn't work: I do a meeting where I briefly call on people to share, which then lowers my hand, but the people who have just shared for 3 minutes never have their hands lowered