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Host has another meeting in progress


From my old PC  (Windows 10) I can 'host' meetings and accept attendees into the meetings --  no issues


When I attempt to host from my new laptop (Windows 11) the attendees either 

1) See the message "Host has another meeting in progress" (90% occurance)  or

2) are left waiting to enter, because the 'host' is not aware that anybody is waiting to answer. (10% occurance)


Previously researching  the 'Community' I followed the advice to uncheck the 'keep me signed-in' flag.


Any more suggestion



I have been using Zoom for 2 years, and today is the first time people could not join my meeting because of this error.  I am asking Zoom to make these changes: When a Host signs in and "Starts" a meeting, if Zoom detects another active meeting for that host, give the host the option to "end" the other meeting with a mouse click.


Why wait until attendees try to join - let the Host know immediately that there is going to be a problem, and allow the Host the option of Ending the other meeting(s). Zoom evidently knows that there is another meeting hosted by the same user - why not solve the problem as soon as it is detected.  In todays meeting, we had to tele-conference to conduct business.  Very embarrassing!


Thank you!


None of this works unless Zoom changes things to ideas by Dennislively.


I host public literary readings and a lot of people (including speakers) cannot get in. Some text or call me to say it says “host is in another meeting.” No zoom users know how to prevent this. It’s been a problem for my three years as a zoom customer.  It anyone can clearly explain how to do this, tell me here or email me at ***********. It’s a real problem and has always been. Help!