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HELP! Zoom manages to unfocus an image when camera's focus is locked.


I'm an art teacher, and I need to be able to keep my webcam focused on my paper on my desk so my students can see what I'm drawing very clearly when I move my hand around the drawing (I don't want it to refocus on my hand). In every app that I test it out in, it looks great, and stays focused on the paper like it's supposed to. When I use this same set up in zoom, it falls apart. There seems to be something going on in zoom where it blurs parts of the image that it doesn't think is the main focus. So, it doesn't matter if I have my camera's focus locked, because zoom blurs it after the fact when I move my hand into the frame. There is something similar happening with the webcam that is pointed at my face. If I select the same camera in facetime, obs, and zoom - the entire image is clear in facetime and obs, but zoom blurs the background. (I have the background blurring function disabled, so that's not what's going on). Can someone help me figure out how to fix this?



Yes, and even if I try obs virtual camera keeps unfocusing non human objects that I want to show, I will need to change software just for this issue.. they are focusing using AI and currently there is no way to disableit.