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Alienware x14 over Crestron HDMI/ TX and Zoom V 5.11.4 - Audio Issues with Video Playback (MP4)


Hi all, 


I've got an issue with one of my instructor's teaching material at our University.

He was trying to playback a Video (MP4 Format) over HDMI Connections while running a Zoom Meeting (V 5.11.4) 

The background music and some special effects  ('Typing Sound' or 'Beeping' ) tones gets cancelled off over the Seminar Rooms PA System. But the Speech still remains and able to pass through. 


However,  once the Zoom Meeting is stopped. The Audio of these Videos resume and all will be normal. 

Sound effects and Background music can be heard again. 


Is this An Application FW Issue? Or a Music Licensing/ Rights Issue?


Anyone has similar Use Case?   


The Instructors Laptop;


Sound Driver: NVIDIA Ver