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URGENT HELP NEEDED: Webinar on Inactive hub


Webinar is coming up in less than 48 hours, Zoom support team is useless and did not transfer a webinar from an inactive hub to an active hub so now, I am afraid that something will go wrong on the day of the webinar. Has anyone even ran into this? Biggest concern is that I just realized that no one can receive emails for registration confirmation and/or 24 hours notice, is there any way to fix that? It seems that I can't move this webinar from the Inactive hub to the other one we have for the company because it's technically a "zoom session". Does anyone know at all how to reach the Cutomer support team to make sure that this webinar will work day of? 


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

@YulianaHiBob Do you have a ticket submitted with our support team that we can escalate?

I do not have the ticket number just yet, because our webinar manager quit and the tech team is located in a different country. My webinar starts in less than 48 hours, I really need someone's help. Would it be possible to get on a phone call?