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Impact on Scheduled Webinars when user's license is changed


Currently we have a user who has been assigned the Webinar 1000 license. Under this user's profile several upcoming webinar events have been scheduled. This month we will be signing our contract renewal and will be getting rid of the Webinar 1000 license. 


My question is that if the user in which the webinars have been setup under is given a webinar 500 license will the scheduled events on the user's profile still be accessible? 


If so, will the license change need to be completed prior to the removal of the Webinar 1000 license to avoid a gap in license access for the user? 




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

@RichardsonM, my understanding is that the limit doesn't come into play until the event is "live".  You aren't "scheduling a 1000 user webinar"... you're just scheduling a webinar.  Once you start it, the licensing of the person to whom the webinar is attached (the "original host") is what takes effect, and no more than that person's licensed capacity can join.


In a past event 2 years ago with a very large organization as an attendee, the expected number of participants was "under 500" for an event which had over 600 registrants.  "Surely not that many people will want to see this presentation."  The event attendees got to 500 about 5 minutes before the event was to start... my understanding is that the vendor producing the event logged into Zoom and upped the logged-in host's license limit to 1000, and magically more people started entering the event.

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