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How to display multiple speakers within a session tile in Zoom Events Lobby and Event Details Page


'm looking for advice on how to display more than one speaker within a session tile in Zoom Events multisession. We have several sessions with multiple panelists, but the lobby and event details page only show the picture of one speaker per session tile. This seems to default to the first speaker listed in the session configuration.


Ideally, we would like to display the pictures or names of all speakers on the session tile in the lobby. To avoid highlighting just one speaker, we have unchecked the display speaker option, but this means no speakers are displayed once you enter the actual session.


Is there a way to show all speakers on the session tiles in the lobby and event details page? Any tips or solutions would be greatly appreciated!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @inclu-edu.


It would be helpful to have a screen shot of your event registration or lobby page. 

I highly recommend attending one of the Zoom Events Training and Enablement group’s Office Hours session where Q&A is welcomed. Here’s the registration link; it’s free, and hosted by Zoom staff:


Normally you can set up to three speakers:


All speakers should be shown up to the 3-person limit, assuming their Speaker column is checked for the session. 

Without seeing your specific setup, I can’t really say what changes are required for you. If you’d like some one on one assistance, reach out to me via the Z-SPAN link below. 

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