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Alternative Host and Meeting Summary with AI Companion


For a recurring meeting, I am the meeting host and I have an alternative host. For today's meeting, I was unable to join, so my alternative host lead the meeting. They recorded and clicked on the "Start Summary" button.


After the meeting, I received the recording via email, but I have not received the "Meeting Summary with AI Companion" email (I checked my settings and the summary is set to only send it to me). The summary is not showing up in my list of Meeting Summaries on my Zoom web portal either.


Where can I find the Meeting Summary if it's not emailed or in my Meeting Summaries list? Does "Meeting Summary with AI Companion" only work if the meeting host starts it (vs. an alternative host)?



You could ask the alternative host for the AI summary. Alternatively there is a marketplace app, Salepager, for sharing the AI summary including with alternative hosts.

Thank you for the advice - I checked with the alternative host and, unfortunately, they did not receive the AI summary (where it went is a mystery). Plus, the "auto-start" AI Summary for all of my meetings is disabled from my Corporate Admin, so I have to manually activate this for each meeting. I'll look into the Salepager app and see if that works.  Thanks again!



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @jlee217.



Sounds like you already checked for the summary in your account. Like the Cloud Recording, the Summary is generated in the account of the Meeting Owner, and can be accessed directly with this URL: 


If the summary is not there, my only conclusion is that it wasn’t started by your Alt Host. Consider automatically starting it in the future:



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