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Background Music During Whiteboard Collaboration


Does anyone know if it is possible to share audio while using the Zoom whiteboard template feature? Usually I just share audio when I want background music, but when using the whiteboard there isn't a way to utilize the share screen/audio without closing the whiteboard. I've noticed that while collaborating (i.e., everyone brainstorm your ideas during the next 5 minutes) I utilize the timer feature which is great, but the quiet is obvious and distracting in its own way.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

There are definitely ways to do this using 3rd party audio software to inject additional audio sources into what Zoom perceives as your mic input.


Aside from that, you can try enabling the setting that allows multiple participants to simultaneously share and see if you (or someone else) can share audio-only while the other shares a whiteboard. I cannot test this to confirm (I need to leave Remote Support enabled, which blocks this feature), but please let me know if this overrides the limitation.




Hi, I just created a viable solution:

What you need:

-2 devices with zoom app, for this case i'll use my laptop and mobile

-your music



1. Open the zoom meeting in both devices, you'll show as 2 participants in the meeting

2. From the laptop, in Share Screen, select the little drop down arrow, and select "allow multiple participants can share"

3. From the mobile, select the Whiteboard option and open the whiteboard from your saved or available templates. This will initiate the Whiteboard function for all participants and collaborators in the meeting.

4. From your laptop, Select Screen Sharing, got to the Advanced Tab, and select Computer Audio. Also check the "Share sound" box option down below.

5. From your computer, play any music you want and you immediately notice sound coming out from the other device, in this case my mobile

6. You can manipulate the Whiteboard from your laptop and keep the mobile as a monitor of what is being presented or shared with sound.



-There is no way to share audio once you enter the Whiteboard option and opening a saved or available whiteboard template. That is why we are using one device to share audio and second device to "Activate" the Whiteboard option

-Do maintain both devices on the call. If in this case I just left the call from my mobile, the Whiteboard would close for everyone and I would need to start over



Thanks Marcelo! Gonna give this a try. 


I REALLY need this feature but it doesn't seem to work -- the whiteboard takes over the audio and you cannot share both.  Has anyone successfully made this work?  Am I missing something?