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Screenshare lagging problem with playing DAW (digital audio workstation)


Dear all

I am using Zoom for my music group. Until October 2021 I was able to stream Cubase - this is my DAW - as well as having my computer be remote controlled by. Unfortunately there's a problem with "lagging" that I can not solve.

As soon as I hit "play" on my music software the screen laggs extremely. As soon as I stop the DAW all is good again.

It is necessary for me to visually show the movement of some stuff like loudness meeters, playhead, automation etc. while the software plays the music.... meaning there is movement on the screen that is important. Currently I have to use other software such as Team Viewer or Anydesk in 1-on-one training sessions.

Has somebody an idea how to solve this issue?

Please note that
it is not an internet connection issue.
it is not software specific. All music software (DAWs) have this issue.
it is not related to my sytem only.... my students can not stream the DAW as well (without lagging)
I am working on a PC (Windows 10, i9 10 cores 5GHz, 32GB Ram) that has endless power


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@MrSpeaker Thanks for reaching out, let's see if we can figure out what is going on here. We're going to start our troubleshooting process in concentric circle way.


Can you please confirm that all your drivers and software are up to date, including the application, the BIOS, &  the hardware itself.


Based on the paradigm above, you can use other software during your session but Zoom specifically lags the entire computer? 


If the  use case is correct, please let me know what happens in the task manager when you launch Zoom -> Please do this twice, Once with the 'Processes' tab open & once with the 'Performance' tab open. 


Let's start with these action items & go from there.





Thank you for your reply

No...  For me as as teacher everything works as normal but the students don't see the DAW moving while playing. For the students it's a frozen picture as long as the DAW is playing. After stopping the playback the students see an updated image.

This behavior happend most likely with an uprgarde of Zoom. It was working until perfectly even with remote control the other computer.

But as mentioned it is not my system that is "freezing".... it is just the participants that can not see what's going on as long as the DAW is playing. It is not related to any known driver and/or my internet connection.

Something I have to test is if it is a difference of sharing an application such as Cubase or the whole screen such as Screen 1.

But I can confirm that the driver, software and operating system is up to date.


Interesting news

I was able to stream my DAW under Mac OSX 12.2.1 with one participant that has a rather poor internet connection.

One day later I tried to stream the DAW in a group meeting under Windows 10 with 10 participants.....  the screen freezes for the participants as long as the DAW is playing music.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@MrSpeaker Thanks for reaching back out on this. 


I have asked around internally with no real solid answer on what is going on...


Is this DAW software used in a ubiquitous fashion? If so we can cross post this with in EDU forums & see if anyone has found an organic remedy for what's go. 



any answers, I have a similar issue but it is displaying an ultrasound imaging screen.  After 60 second it drops to 1 frame/second.  This was fine until about a year ago when I am sure zoom did an update.


I intermittently have the same problem- I've had it when screen sharing various DAWs (logic, GarageBand, and Cubase), and when students have shared their DAW screens. It's frustrating for me and for students, and I'd love to find a solution. I still experience this as of 6/14/23.


I have a 2019 upgraded iMac running the most up to date iOS.